This more recent series of paintings are directly informed by personal memory (real or imagined) of family, childhood, education and places I have lived. Sources of reference include old photograph albums, postcards, scrapbooks and journals, maps, heirlooms and certificates etc.


A small group of paintings that I occasionally return to for reasons unknown.


An ongoing series of paintings that reflect my long-term fascination (quite possible obsession) with the ‘Dirty Old River’. From its source at a natural spring in Gloucestershire, through Oxford and the city of London, to the estuary and onwards to the North Sea.

A constant ebb and flow that simultaneously also possesses a primitive quality of absolute stillness.
A mirror of liquid history described by William Blake as a ‘bar of gold’, but which for Joseph Conrad intimated a primeval heart of darkness.

‘the backwards half look over the shoulder….’

‘The Dry Salvages’ T.S.Eliot

A series of canvasses that reference (both directly and tangentially) my lifelong passion for the history of painting.
Some works pay deliberate homage to individual artists or particular paintings, others may only bear oblique reference through their title, theme, detail or colour palette etc.
Other canvasses also allude to filmmakers and individual works that, to my mind, cite or directly reference contemporary painting and the canon of art history.

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